Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 2.0 or greater within 200 mi
Update time = Sun, 16-Jun-2019 5:56am PDT

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Time Link
16 mi ENE of Coso Junction, CA 2.1 000276171 mi 1560649875Sat, 15-Jun-2019 6:51pm PDT map
16 mi ENE of Coso Junction, CA 3.2 000276171 mi 1560649733Sat, 15-Jun-2019 6:48pm PDT map
2 mi NW of Glen Avon, CA 2.2 00009257 mi 1560602665Sat, 15-Jun-2019 5:44am PDT map
6 mi SSE of Ocotillo, CA 2.0 00014188 mi 1560588465Sat, 15-Jun-2019 1:47am PDT map
2 mi NW of Glen Avon, CA 2.2 00009358 mi 1560579200Fri, 14-Jun-2019 11:13pm PDT map
8 mi NE of Yucaipa, CA 3.0 00004830 mi 1560576337Fri, 14-Jun-2019 10:25pm PDT map
2 mi NW of Glen Avon, CA 2.0 00009358 mi 1560541827Fri, 14-Jun-2019 12:50pm PDT map
9 mi SSE of Malibu Beach, CA 2.1 000195121 mi 1560536704Fri, 14-Jun-2019 11:25am PDT map
13 mi ESE of Anza, CA 2.0 00003824 mi 1560529278Fri, 14-Jun-2019 9:21am PDT map
2 mi NNW of Glen Avon, CA 3.0 00009257 mi 1560478567Thu, 13-Jun-2019 7:16pm PDT map
19 mi WSW of Tecopa, CA 2.0 000209130 mi 1560460791Thu, 13-Jun-2019 2:19pm PDT map
7 mi ENE of Cabazon, CA 3.0 00001811 mi 1560429510Thu, 13-Jun-2019 5:38am PDT map
11 mi WSW of Olancha, CA 2.3 000307190 mi 1560411419Thu, 13-Jun-2019 12:36am PDT map
4 mi SW of Holtville, CA 2.2 00015797 mi 1560410143Thu, 13-Jun-2019 12:15am PDT map
4 mi SW of Holtville, CA 2.0 00015797 mi 1560401436Wed, 12-Jun-2019 9:50pm PDT map
10 mi S of Camarillo, CA 3.7 000232144 mi 1560384453Wed, 12-Jun-2019 5:07pm PDT map
24 mi SSE of Sandy Valley, Nevada 2.2 000206128 mi 1560363337Wed, 12-Jun-2019 11:15am PDT map
2 mi NW of Glen Avon, CA 2.6 00009357 mi 1560336559Wed, 12-Jun-2019 3:49am PDT map
8 mi NNE of Borrego Springs, CA 2.0 00005534 mi 1560329323Wed, 12-Jun-2019 1:48am PDT map
11 mi SE of Bodfish, CA 2.2 000249155 mi 1560321605Tue, 11-Jun-2019 11:40pm PDT map
8 mi W of Delta, B.C., MX 2.0 000200124 mi 1560278508Tue, 11-Jun-2019 11:41am PDT map
35 mi E of Maneadero, B.C., MX 2.1 000246153 mi 1560272676Tue, 11-Jun-2019 10:04am PDT map
5 mi SSW of Joshua Tree, CA 2.2 00003321 mi 1560256345Tue, 11-Jun-2019 5:32am PDT map
24 mi NE of Ensenada, B.C., MX 2.2 000189118 mi 1560249540Tue, 11-Jun-2019 3:39am PDT map
11 mi ESE of Ocotillo, CA 2.4 00014389 mi 1560247136Tue, 11-Jun-2019 2:58am PDT map
22 mi W of Tecopa, CA 2.1 000220137 mi 1560221292Mon, 10-Jun-2019 7:48pm PDT map
13 mi SW of Primm, NV 2.3 000205128 mi 1560194490Mon, 10-Jun-2019 12:21pm PDT map
53 mi SE of Estacion Coahuila, B.C., MX 2.9 000316196 mi 1560181515Mon, 10-Jun-2019 8:45am PDT map
4 mi SW of Anza, CA 3.0 00003723 mi 1560168775Mon, 10-Jun-2019 5:12am PDT map
9 mi W of Delta, B.C., MX 2.3 000199124 mi 1560153783Mon, 10-Jun-2019 1:03am PDT map
10 mi E of Oildale, CA 3.5 000275171 mi 1560134471Sun, 09-Jun-2019 7:41pm PDT map

31 earthquakes found. Click on location or map links for more details from the USGS

Map and data courtesy of United States Geological Survey.